Our Services

Everything we offer, from personal guidance, to powerful trading tools, to retirement resources — is built with one thing in mind: You.

Asset Management

We harness the markets through a disciplined, research driven approach to portfolio management. We believe that thinking and investing for the long-term is fundamental to a sound investment strategy. However, we realize that long-term is not where most people live. To that end, we have created portfolios that balance long-term performance with handling short-term volatility in order for our clients to be able to stay the course in their portfolio and their financial plan.

Corporate Retirement Plans

We work with various plan providers and Third Party Administrators to help companies design, implement, and manage corporate retirement plans for the specific needs of your business and your employees.

Financial Planning

Goldstein Advisors has assembled a team of financial planners that have the expertise and experience for all your financial planning needs. From retirement planning, to tax planning, education planning, charitable giving strategies, estate planning, insurance planning, and small business planning and business exit strategies, our team works together to help you with your plans and goals. While financial planners work with their individual clients, our team of financial planners frequently meet together in order to discuss different situations to bring their collective expertise to bear. As a result, you get the personal attention you need from your wealth manager while benefiting from the collective expertise of our team.

Expertise & experience.